Egypt eyes 2036 Olympic hosting


Africa’s richest and third most populous country, Egypt, is currently considering throwing it’s hat in the ring to bid for the hosting right of the 2036 Summer Olympic Games.

Geoff Berkely of quoted Sky News Arabia as reporting that Egypt’s Sports Minister, Ashraf Sobhi, gave the indication recently, revealing that relevant Egyptian officials and institutions are currently working on the documents to submit along with the bid.

Though the nation already boasts of a good number of standard sports facilities spread across Cairo, its capital, the authorities are planning to build a mumulti-million dollar Olympic City complete with a main bowl for track and field events, an Olympic standard swimming pool, tennis Centre and an indoor sports hall to be located just about 45 minutes drive from Cairo.

Should Egypt finally go ahead with the plan, it will be bidding against such countries as Russia, Spain, Turkey, India and Ukraine who are also in the race.

It is however expected of the responsible bid committee officials of the International Olympic Committee to specially consider Egypt’s bid in view of the need to support Africa to host the games for the first time in long history.

Africa is the only populated continent in the world that is yet to host the games. A consideration for Egypt will be in line with the hope and promises of IOC President Thomas Bach to see the event move to Africa during his tenure even though he would have served out his term before 2036.

The last bid by an African country was by South Africa in 1997 for the 2004 Games but it returned third in the contest which went to Greece.

The closest Africa has got to hosting the Olympics is the Youth Games billed for Senegal in 2026.

Egypt stands as a very friendly country to many regions of the world and is reputed as the cradle of civilisation with very rich history and strong economy and fast growing in agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, mining and technology, enabling it to gross over $1.38 trillion in GDP in 2021 despite the scourge of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Egypt has been a top contributor to world sports with legendary athletes and teams in various disciplines and competitions. It has been participating in the Olympic Games since 1912, only missing two editions in 1932 and 1980.

It’s hosting the event would boost Africa’s confidence in global inclusiveness and global integration in top world sports as well as inspire hope in all developing regions of the world.