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“History shudders, pierced by events of massive public suffering. Memory is haunted, stalked by the ghosts of history’s victims, capriciously severed from life in genocide, holocausts, and extermination camps. The cries of the hungry, the shrieks of political prisoners, and the silent voices of the oppressed echo slowly, painfully through daily existence.” – Rebecca Chopp,

Unrest, pain, death and sorrows are the shadows of life. There exists no heart in the world that has not felt the sting of death, no mind that has not been tossed upon the dark waters of trouble, no eye that has not wept the hot, blinding tears of unspeakable anguish. There is no household where the Great Destroyers, disease and death, have not entered, severing heart from heart, and casting over all the dark pall of sorrow. In the strong and apparently indestructible meshes of evil all are more of less fast caught, and pain, unhappiness, and misfortune wait upon mankind. The preceding lines introduce James Allen’s thoughts on the Lesson of Evil.

It is no longer news that on Sunday, October 16, 2016 Izu Joseph a young 3SC defender was killed by soldiers at Okarki Town in Ahoada West Local Government Area of Rivers State. It is not also news that certain controversial notes, thoughts and statements have been released as to the cause of his untimely death. While the Nigerian Army insists he was caught in a cultist den raided by its men, some other reports arose he was hit by a stray bullet, while some others believed he was intentionally wasted even after identifying himself as a player of the traditional 3SC outfit.

Izu, the fast rising defender is dead but I hear the slow echo of his silent voice crying and wailing for justice. Izu speaks through hot blinding tears insisting his assailants must sacrifice all hatred, slay it upon the holy altar of devotion – devotion to others. Think no more of any injury to petty self, but see to it that henceforth you injure and wound no other. Open the floodgates of your heart for the in pouring of that sweet, great, beautiful love which embraces all with strong yet tender thoughts of PROTECTION AND PEACE, leaving no one, nay, not even he who hates or despises or slanders, out in the cold.

Justice is all that is sought. The entire Nation seeks justice for the slain. The football family seeks justice for the slain. The Media want to see justice manifestly done. Everyone craves for justice on the demise of Izu Joseph.

In these days of social, political and theological conflicts; and with terrorism, wars, recession, hunger, crimes and killings taking place on every hand, a return to the study of the Hebrew prophets – burning, as they are, with the fire of Truth on national matters and local catastrophes – would prove, not only scientifically enlightening, but would help considerably toward unveiling, in the mind of man, the revelation of the beauty and order of the Cosmos, and the perfect justice of human life – JUSTICE TO IZU JOSEPH. The evils of life are right because of the causes which man has created; but man, having created causes which produce evil, can also create causes wich produce good; and when the inward passions are tamed and subdued the outward violence will disappear, or will be powerless to hurt mankind.

While thanking the Nigerian Army for its fight against terrorism and the preservation of the Nation’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, I join my voice with that of the Players’ Union to strongly condemn the manner in which Izu Joseph was slain and again insist that at all cost justice must be done to lay to peaceful rest the ghost that sings in my head. DESCANSA EN PAZ, IZU.


Ezeaku is Team Manager of Enugu Rangers FC in the Nigeria Professional Foitball League, NPFL,

Joseph Izu, mowed down by Nigerian military.
Joseph Izu, mowed down by Nigerian military.

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